Grad student in arctic fieldwith helicopter in the background


  • The Arctic Snowcover: Sensitivity, Change, and Impacts on Terrestrial Systems, Water Resources and Communities

  • FloodNet: Development of Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System

  • Initialization of Soil Moisture in Climate Models  We are contributing to efforts for understanding the role of land surface soil moisture for improvements to precipitation and temperature forecast skill in subseasonal climate forecasts (at lead times of one month or more).  These efforts target techniques for removing bias in meteorological forcing products, and evaluating data assimilation methods for reducing error in soil moisture estimates.

  • Soil Moisture and Remote Sensing It is clear that any model generated estimate of the soil water state will be subject to error therefore a significant component of my research program has been directed towards the evaluation of soil moisture estimates as predicted by models, from microwave brightness temperatures and through merger in a data assimilation systems. To complete this work we have established two soil moisture-monitoring networks for the evaluation of soil moisture retrieval algorithms, land surface models and data assimilation systems.

  • Applications of soil moisture products As soil moisture products from satellite, and models improve numerous applications of these data sets are possible. One aspect of my research program focuses on the development of applications of soil moisture products for agriculture or watershed processes.