Current Research Team

  Yekeen, Shamsudeen Geospatial Intelligence of the Environment, Hydrology, Climate Change Hazard Management, Oil Spill Remote sensing, and Land Use Landcover. [PhD in progress]
Scientist Jaison Thomas   Thomas, Jaison Ambadan Hydrological modelling and data assimilation [Research Scientist]
Grad Michael Merchant   Merchant, Michael Wetland remote sensing in sub-artic boreal forests [PhD in progress]
Grad Jacob Mardon   Mardian, Jacob Drought monitoring and modelling in Canada [PhD in progress]
  Creen, Jay Soil moisture retrieval in the boreal forest [MSc in progress]
""   Chang, Qianyu Ice content mapping of permafrost [PhD in progress]
Zohreh Alijani   Alijani, Zohreh Soil moisture and crop parameters using Canada’s RADARSAT Constellation [PhD in progress]
Grad Heather MacRae   MacRae, Heather Soil moisture in the Boreal forest of Saskatchewan. [MSc in progress]
  Pardo Lara, Renato Land surface freeze/thaw (F/T) transitions, particularly, landscape F/T signatures acquired from microwave remote sensing satellites in the context of the soil moisture F/T state [PhD in progress]